Let’s face it. A lot has changed in the past couple of decades. We no longer have to go to the bank and wait in line for a cashier in order to withdraw money. Envelopes and stamps aren’t needed when it comes time to pay the bills. We don’t even have to speak to anyone at all when we go grocery shopping because the self-checkout lines let us scan, bag and pay for our groceries all by ourselves. Ahhh…technology.

So why is it, now that your wedding date has been set, that you’re still thinking about doing things the old-school way? Maybe after your third appointment with a wedding planner at a local flower shop, you’ll realise that technology can not only offer you more convenience when it comes to wedding flowers, but can provide much more than you ever imagined.

Twenty-first century weddings are not your mother’s wedding! Why not consider the benefits of ordering silk wedding flowers online? If you go with a reputable site, the advantages will literally sing for themselves!

Who orders silk wedding flowers and why?

Savvy brides all over the world have found the secret to stress-free weddings; at least, as far as the flowers go. Whether you’re a traditional-type bride or used to swimming against the current, you’ll love the countless advantages of replacing fresh flowers with silk. Some of the reasons brides opt for silk include:

1 Sentimentality. Being able to forever preserve your bridal bouquet without the eventual result of brittle dried flowers is one of the main draws for romantic couples.

2 Practicality. Having the option to buy flowers ahead of time affords the opportunity to spread out the cost of the wedding. And they’re less expensive than fresh flowers!

3 Efficiency. The time saved by not having to meet with florists is another perk of ordering silk wedding flowers online.

4 Stress-reduction. What bride hasn’t stressed over the possibility that her flowers won’t be exactly what she wanted on her wedding day? With artificial flowers, you can see the flowers weeks, or even months, ahead of time, knowing they are precisely what you want to be carrying down the aisle as you go to meet your groom.

5 Durability. Whether you’re getting married on the hottest day on record, or are traveling abroad, your silk wedding flowers will remain as beautiful as the day you received them. Additionally, there’s no worry about your flower girl basket falling apart before she carries it down the aisle!

6 Versatility. Out-of-season flowers are not a problem when you order them online from a silk wedding flower site; and the various hues will guarantee a perfect match to your color scheme!

7 Breathe-ability. With artificial flowers, there’s no chance of untimely aaachooo’s interrupting the wedding ceremony, while fresh blooms can aggravate allergies and hayfever, creating awkward moments.

8 Tradition. The ability to start a new tradition and pass your wedding flowers down to the next generation. Imagine watching your daughter carry your bridal bouquet in her own wedding years from now!

Are there disadvantages to ordering silk wedding flowers online?

Some people may hesitate to buy silk flowers because they “just aren’t the same.” No, they’re not the same as fresh flowers, but when it comes to having the best floral choices for a wedding, they’re better! It’s true that they don’t possess the fragrant quality of some flowers, such as roses or lilies, but the advantage there is that the floral scents do not compete with the bride’s own choice of perfume for her big day. What would you rather hear, “The flowers smell wonderful,” or “YOU smell wonderful?”

Not being able to meet face-to-face with a florist is a concern of some brides (and their traditional-minded mothers). But when you choose an online business that not only specialises in wedding flowers, but offers personalised service as well, the advantages will far outweigh any concerns.

Stick to wedding specialists, who do hundreds of weddings every month and have an impressive range of flowers to view on their website. Not sticking to tradition can be viewed as a disadvantage by some, but to others who like to break out of the mold, carrying a beautiful silk bouquet on their wedding day is exactly how they want to start their own tradition. After all, it is the 21st century!