Wedding Planners – what can they do for you!

Over the last twenty years or so the profile of wedding planning in the UK has grown, but do you know what they can really do to help you with your special day?

A good wedding planner will work with you to ensure you get the wedding you have dreamed of and wished for possibility since being a young girl. You need to consider them like a personal assistant dedicated to the perfection of your wedding. They will not only have access to hundreds or even thousands of contacts you could never dream of finding but will also save you hours of time, hundreds of pounds and ensure far less stress in the build up to your special day.

How can you ensure you find the right planner for your wedding? Firstly I would say make sure you like them, can communicate with them and that they understand your needs, wants and wishes and are not likely to bully you or push their own ideas onto you. You must feel comfortable with your planner, as you will see them and speak to them over the coming months many times. Not only that but they will have to convert your dreams into the real thing.

Once you think you have found a planner you like then you must ask them about their experience and qualifications. This is very important as you do not want them experimenting with your wedding. Ask them if they have a website, testimonials, or a portfolio they can show you! This will reassure you of their experience and that they will be able to support you at every stage.

Make sure your wedding planner works closely with all their clients and after an initial consultation; make sure they prepare a full proposal and then present you with a contract to cover all your payment terms and included services. This is very important and offers additional reassurance to brides and their husbands to be!

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life – make sure it is memorable for all the right reasons!