Planning a sophisticated event like wedding could be one of the daunting and overwhelming tasks even for the most intrepid couple. With multitude of details from engagement to selecting vendors, making checklists to choosing finest venues, there is couple of things on the plate that you need to plan out in an organised fashion manner until you utter those two miraculous words to your partner – “I Do.”

While blending your ideas with a wedding professional’s experience and creativity, you can design a beautiful day uniquely to suit your style and personality. Your flawless dedication and planning for executing your wedding event will be smooth sailing, if you will consider stress-free tips enlisted below:

  • Stick to a budget while going flexible

Since wedding is an expensive event so it is inevitable to carry out your wedding plans with proper planning. But there comes times when you want to add some necessary items to your final list, supposedly a week before to the event date, which may not have been in your set budget. What will you do then?

Don’t stress. The best way is to set a budget and sticking to it. If you already have items to be added in your “wish list” or something that can pop up closer to the wedding time, consider adding those items in your set budget right from the very beginning. Endeavour to meet your expected set amount that you have budgeted from day one.


This way you would know how to adjust your budget, like if you overspend on decoration, then you must cut back from another thing’s budget on your list. Be flexible, and prioritise the essential and must-have items first on your budget, considering that those have to be paid for, in contrast to the “wish list” items that you can drop at anytime.


  • An awesome wedding timeline facilitates planning

Along with the budget, creating a timeline is another crucial part of hosting a fabulous wedding celebration as an event professional knowing what’s supposed to happen when. Obviously, a clear picture of your events makes it easy for you to reach on a consensus regarding how and what to do.


That is where you need a time to design your timeline that fits to your schedule with mapping all the due dates on a calendar. Also, you can create a handy wedding timeline online to have an hour-by-hour guide to the day’s events.

Depending on the wedding time, ensure that you have ample time to plan and slots, in orders that can probably take more time than others.


  • Plan your big day with utilising amazing online event tools

The arduous process of planning could become fun with using event tools. Learn to plan ahead of things just as you decorate, renovate or accesorise your homes with useful equipments such as designer radiators. This way you leave the post learning lessons for others to follow. Check online wedding checklists and event apps with budgets, checklists and reminders, or you can use your go-to event planning apps as well. Remember to set the priorities right before you act.

I have seen professionals work in excel, while some of them still follows old school method and write every expense paid for an event. Ensure that you have tracked all your expenses at the end of the day.

  • Prioritise important details

It can be challenging to convene a wedding, but once your budget and wedding timeline is created, it’s important to figure out necessary details of all. We generally forget considering some important aspects. The wedding size, for instance, determines more from a budget perspective, so be handy with a guest list and try to stick to it.


Once it is finalised, move on to finalise the wedding date, venue and theme. Schedule a meeting with venue owners, and check their list of inclusions and exclusions for the wedding event along with their quotation and available dates. However, in this wedding season it is difficult to find the weekends free at the venue, but the details and service you will receive there will definitely help you to decide on things.

Before settling on the venue, review your contract and be sure to ask if you can stop by, when there will be any other event in the venue to get an idea of the decorations and guest capacity. It is crucial to see your event space in action prior to making any commitments.


  • Pick proficient vendors

When it comes to pick vendors for your big day- compatibility is the key! Ensure that you are diligent while hiring them. Call your friends and relatives and take references for good vendors’ right from decoration to photography, and set up meetings with them and chalk out the master strategy to let bride, groom, and wedding guests experience an awesome event.

Vendors having similar tastes and styles are best to work with. Like, if your venue have some loft space and you want to get it decorate specially for you and your partner photography session, you can ask the renowned home expansion experts to implement some amazing loft conversions ideas and help you to have a perfect wedding photo shoot session in your new home space.


  • It’s all about customer service

No matter how to plan your big day, event professionals always seek out amazing ways and go further to guarantee incredible services. So, while planning out things ensure that you are going an extra mile for anyone and everyone involved in your wedding. Consult your gift vendors and ensure that your gifts are wrapped with personalised party flavours. Keep special customised gifts for the family members and welcome bags for your guests.

Include all the scheduled events details, like arrival time, venue details along with the goodies for your guests in the welcome bag. Certainly, your guests are going to love the idea of the welcome bags, and the gesture behind them.


  • Take out time for yourself

Amidst playing the role of wedding event planners, even the bride or groom needs some relaxation time on their wedding day. The best way to focus on you is simply to hire a coordinator who can help you with picking the tasks you left off in your startling planning.

As an event professional, definitely they are going to blown away by your checklists and vendor sheets, however, wedding event companies provide for an affordable cost and guarantees you a stress-free day.

Allowing someone to wear your event professional shoes will allow you to cherish the day you have been dreaming of your whole life!

In Conclusion

Weddings are too much fun to be planned as an event professional. However, keep in mind that no marriage comes off perfectly, even after being planned with the best event planners. So, be practical in your approach and implement the right tips that can help you to go a long way while diving into the overwhelming process.

Also, while planning your event, ensure to be quick on your feet when problem arise, and step in to handling them as they come your way.